What to Expect in July!

The month of July signals the beginning of the remaining half of the year.
Here is what to expect from our ministry team:

1. Mentorship with Rev

Rev Oyiks is opening her personal mentorship platform for people who desire a deeper walk with God.
If you live in Lagos or are willing to make the journey monthly, you can join these unique encounter sessions EVERY FIRST TUESDAY OF THE MONTH.
Expect deep and undeniable encounters with the Holy Spirit in each of these riveting sessions.
It’s open to men and women.
The next session holds 4th July 2023:
Venue: Lekki Pennisula Hotel lekki Lagos 
Theme: The Capital called POWER
Time: 5pm-8pm 
Enquiries: +2347087499909

2. Study through the Bible with Rev in the month of July.

Study through the Bible with Rev in the month of July.
If you’re struggling with building a consistent daily bible study lifestyle, then this is for you.
Join this deeply enlightening Bible study as Rev Oyiks takes us through the book of Jude verse by verse in the month of July.
It will air live on the following platforms every week morning:

📍 YouTube: Oyiksalfred
📍 Instagram: Oyiksalfred
📍 FCC: mentorshipwithrev
📍 Zoom: 658 916 6521
▶️ Be inspired to read the bible daily in July that will hopefully become a life long habit.
▶️ Read the bible through the eyes of Jesus’ half-brother Jude. 
▶️ Get deep insights about the prophetic scriptures in Jude.
▶️ Decode the mysteries of the last days as unravelled in the book of Jude.
▶️ There are 7 spiritual influences Jesus says the last days saints should watch out for. The book of Jude reveals them.
▶️ The book of Jude gives insight into God’s recommendation for spiritual development and how to do it quite easily.

3. The Prayer Blast

It is vital that your body and mind grows.  It is also vital that your spirit grows. One way to enhance spiritual growth is by praying in the spirit as the book of Jude encourages.
The prayer blast allows you enlarge your spirit by praying in the spirit for 3 straight hours. Thus, increasing your spiritual power and spiritual sensitivity.
Join the prayer blast via:
📍 FCC: mentorshipwithrev
📍 Time: 3am -6am (GMT +1)
📍 Date: 1st to 7th July 2023.

4. Monthly Fast

Do you know that fasting is a compulsory spiritual discipline?

Jesus put it on the same plain as praying and giving. You can’t power a successful spiritual life without:

▶️ Prayer
▶️ Fasting 
▶️ Giving 
▶️ Forgiving
▶️ Service and
▶️ Obedience


Matthew 6:1-16

Join the monthly fast holding on the 1st to 3rd July, while you connect to the prayer blast sessions.

Fasting Options:

Full Fast: Fast from food, social media and all forms of pleasure and entertainment for 3 straight days, drinking only water.

Partial Fast: Fast from food, social media and all forms of pleasure and entertainment for 3 days, but breaking your fast at 6pm every evening.

Light Fast:

Eat fruits, vegetables without creams and foods you detest the taste.
This is recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Also recommended for people who need food to take medication or those with physically demanding work schedule.
Please do not choose the easiest option. Remember that the aim is to boost your spiritual power.
Be part of these spiritually invigorating programs that are guaranteed to expand your life completely.

For enquiries, Call: +234 803 705 0925, +234 803 561 8950, +234 813 307 4928.