June Fasting Schedule

The month of June will be an intensely spiritual month where the Lord wants to prepare us for what is coming ahead in the rest of the year.

I encourage you to join the prayers as the Lord has instructed.
Here are the guidelines.

Fasting Schedule:
Choose between
Intense Fast
(12 hours daily) &
(48 hours weekly)

-6am to 6pm daily
-8pm Sunday to 8pm Tuesday (water only)


Deep Fast
(48 hours weekly)
8pm to Sunday to 8pm on Tuesday.

Prayer Retreat Schedule:
10pm -11pm

6pm -8pm
(Please note, fast will be broken first with Communion . So please prepare Communion elements as you log into the session.

Also note that *There will be* *only one mentor moment for the month of June* . It will hold
*2nd June*

from 7th to 30th June, when the fasting begins, there will be no mentor moments. As every one is encouraged to Jon the prayers on Monday and my closed mentorship session on Tuesday.
Connect via
Fcc: propheticvirtual

For further enquiries please contact any of the following numbers *via watsapp only*
+18323121123 (Collette)

Find attached video brief.
Recieve grace and strength to wait on the Lord.
Those that wait on the Lord shall renew thier strength.
Isaiah 40:31.

God bless you
Rev Oyiks

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